Monday, July 30, 2012

The Impact of Sugar Crop Composition on the Production of Sugar, Energy and By-Products,

Charley Richard1, Marianne Mckee1, Ronnie Triche1, Anna Hale2 and Mary An Godshall1,

1Sugar Processing Research Institute, New Orleans, LA, Tel: 504-286-4343, Fax: 504-282-5387, Email:  2USDA-ARS Sugarcane Research Unit, Houma, LA


Previous data published by SPRI has demonstrated important compositional differences in juice samples from different harvest treatments as well as various species of Saccharum.  In breeding material around the world, varieties with extremely high levels of some of these parameters such as brix as well as fiber can be found.  Based on this variability, development of new varieties, development of sustainable production practices and improved processing techniques becomes important considerations for the future.  This paper describes some of these variables, their importance and the need for interdisciplinary communication as industries consider sugar production, energy production or production of other products.  It is theorized that similar differences may occur among various parameters for sugarbeets and sorghum and similar evaluations should be made in these potential energy and sugar crops.

Abstract for an oral presentation at the SPRI 2010 Conference on March 28-31, 2010, at the Iberville Suites/Ritz-Carlton Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA